A Unique Approach to Audiology

Pristine Hearing is a family-run, independent clinic, with a focus on delivering customised hearing care that genuinely impacts our patients’ lives for the better. We’re all about quality, not quantity, ensuring each person who walks through our doors receives the expert, individualised care they deserve.

Our dedicated team is on a mission to address your hearing concerns with precision and empathy. Leveraging the latest in hearing technology, we craft solutions that are as unique as you are. It’s not just about improving your hearing; it’s about enhancing your overall quality of life. We believe knowledge is power, so we’re committed to equipping you with the understanding and tools necessary to take control of your hearing health.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Hearing Assessments: Detailed evaluations to understand your hearing profile.
  • Hearing Aid Fittings: Cutting-edge devices tailored to your specific hearing needs.
  • Custom Ear Plugs: Personalised protection for various environments and activities.
  • Tinnitus Management: Innovative strategies and support for managing tinnitus.
  • Earwax Removal: Safe and effective removal techniques for optimal ear health.
  • Mobile Hearing Services: Convenient care delivered directly to your home or workplace.
  • School Support Services: Assistance and advocacy for children with hearing challenges in educational settings.

Michael Segal

Audiologist / Manager

Michael is a very thorough and experienced Audiologist who takes pride in ensuring his patients are listened to, valued, respected and achieve the best results possible. He is patient, considerate and is a very well rounded Audiologist who specialises in many aspects of Audiology.

He has worked as a Senior Audiologist for many years across Tasmania and Western Australia seeing a broad case load from young infants right up to complex adults who required more specialised audiological care and management. He is appreciated by all his patients for his care and attention and commitment to going above and beyond what they have experienced elsewhere to uplift the Audiology Profession and status of Audiology in general.


Registered Nurse

Anita has been a registered nurse since 2020 and worked in aged care before joining us in 2022. Anita comes to us as a jack of all trades, assisting in audiology assessments, tech troubleshooting, and bringing her gentle hands to micro-suction. Anita’s favourite part of her job is getting to indulge in her fascination of the ear and it’s intricate design. In her personal life, Anita enjoys all things field hockey, video games and giggling with her young children.


Audiometrist (Student) / Receptionist

Jasmine is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that every patient who walks through the door feels welcomed and cared for. She is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that each individual’s hearing needs are met. As a student audiometrist, Jasmine is constantly expanding her knowledge and skills in the field of audiology. She is committed to staying up to date on the latest advancements in hearing aid technology and treatment options. Outside of work, Jasmine is a talented hula hooper with an impressive collection of over 200 hoops. She enjoys sharing her passion for hula hooping with others and often participates in local events and workshops to spread the joy of this fun and energetic activity.

Jasmine’s positive and caring attitude, combined with her wealth of experience and expertise, make her a valuable member of our team at the Nollamara clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing Pristine Hearing means choosing a clinic that truly cares about your hearing health. Our team is here to support you every step of the way, providing expert care, personalised solutions, and a welcoming environment. Our team’s expertise covers a wide range of audiological services, from hearing assessments to advanced hearing aid technology. We’re passionate about using our skills to improve your hearing and quality of life.

We value quality over quantity, focusing on building lasting relationships with our patients. Our independence ensures that our recommendations are always in your best interest, and we’re committed to treating every patient with the utmost dignity and respect.

Our Clinics

Find your nearest Pristine Hearing clinic. Each location is staffed by expert audiologists and equipped with the latest in hearing technology. We also provide monthly location visits to the following clinics; Wongan Hills Medical centre, Gingin Medical Centre & Quairading Medical centre.

What Our Patients Say

“Thanks to Pristine Hearing, my mother can participate fully in life again. Their personalised service and the latest hearing aids have improved her hearing dramatically. We’re all grateful for the joy and confidence they’ve restored.”

Brendan Russell

“The professionals at Pristine Hearing made getting a hearing aid a comfortable experience, offering expert advice and support. Thanks to their advanced technology, I can hear clearly in any situation. It’s made a world of difference in my life.”

Nikki Wright

“Pristine Hearing changed my life with their top-notch hearing aids and caring service. I can now enjoy conversations and the beautiful sounds around me. Their team made sure I found the perfect fit, and I’m so grateful for the new lease on life they’ve given me.”

Courtney Reid

Service was really good. I had an extremely, painful ear wax blockage and someone recommended to these guys. The cleaning was thorough and you get your money’s worth. It will feel really strange for the first time but afterwards, you get used it. The audiologist also dresses like an absolute dapper gentlemen and the receptionist was also excellent.

Vincent Lee

“This is way better than the standard GP water syringe technique. They’re warm, friendly, welcoming, professional. Highly recommend this service for anyone with blocked ear/s and even just maintenance once a year. Thanks heaps for your help. Many blessings to you for 2024!”

Dave Socorro

“My partner Stephen went swimming with grandchildren and his ears blocked up. Pristeen hearing made room for him straight away, cleaned ears of lots of wax and he was hearing normal within 15 minutes. Great service, highly recommended.”

Robin o’donoghue