Custom moulded ear plugs for industrial and heavy machinery workers

In the demanding environments of mining, industrial work, and heavy machinery, hearing protection is crucial. Workers are constantly exposed to loud noises that can lead to permanent hearing damage. Custom ear ...Read more

Healthcare professional examining a man's ears, part of the hearing services program Australia.

Navigating the complexities of the Hearing Services Program (HSP) in Australia can be challenging, yet rewarding. Supported by the Australian government, this program provides essential support to eligible indi...Read more

A woman carefully examines a little girl's ear, ensuring her hearing is in perfect condition.

Imagine your child navigating the world without the full ability to hear—it's a silent challenge that many children face, often without their parents immediately noticing. This is where the expertise of a pae...Read more

A man with a hearing aid and microphone, ensuring crystal-clear sound quality.

So, you've been told that your hearing is not the best and that it is time for hearing aids.  Your Audiologist has given you a breakdown of the different hearing aid technologies and styles and has selected he...Read more

Fireworks illuminate Sydney Harbour Bridge against the night sky, creating a stunning display.

With 2019 only hours away, millions of people around Australia will be converging on the major cities to get the best vanatage point to see the amazing fireworks display their city has to offer.  If you've eve...Read more

A person holding ear buds, promoting pristine hearing.

March, 09, 2024

Battery technology in hearing aids have undergone interesting changes and development over the years.  In fact, this can be generalised to all devices and technologies. If we just take a look at our mobile pho...Read more

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Find your nearest Pristine Hearing clinic. Each location is staffed by expert audiologists and equipped with the latest in hearing technology. We also provide monthly location visits to the following clinics; Wongan Hills Medical centre, Gingin Medical Centre & Quairading Medical centre.