What Our Patients Say

“Thanks to Pristine Hearing, my mother can participate fully in life again. Their personalised service and the latest hearing aids have improved her hearing dramatically. We’re all grateful for the joy and confidence they’ve restored.”

Brendan Russell

“The professionals at Pristine Hearing made getting a hearing aid a comfortable experience, offering expert advice and support. Thanks to their advanced technology, I can hear clearly in any situation. It’s made a world of difference in my life.”

Nikki Wright

“Pristine Hearing changed my life with their top-notch hearing aids and caring service. I can now enjoy conversations and the beautiful sounds around me. Their team made sure I found the perfect fit, and I’m so grateful for the new lease on life they’ve given me.”

Courtney Reid

Service was really good. I had an extremely, painful ear wax blockage and someone recommended to these guys. The cleaning was thorough and you get your money’s worth. It will feel really strange for the first time but afterwards, you get used it. The audiologist also dresses like an absolute dapper gentlemen and the receptionist was also excellent.

Vincent Lee

“This is way better than the standard GP water syringe technique. They’re warm, friendly, welcoming, professional. Highly recommend this service for anyone with blocked ear/s and even just maintenance once a year. Thanks heaps for your help. Many blessings to you for 2024!”

Dave Socorro

“My partner Stephen went swimming with grandchildren and his ears blocked up. Pristeen hearing made room for him straight away, cleaned ears of lots of wax and he was hearing normal within 15 minutes. Great service, highly recommended.”

Robin o’donoghue

“Selected this practice from Google enquiry and was very pleased with out-come (which included navigational directions by phone) Very pleasant, skillfully proficient and accommodating for an old bloke and the restoration of my hearing !!”

Paul Bates-Brownsword

“The staff member I had today was very helpful and got straight to the point my appointment only took 2 mins and no time was wasted highly recommended.👍”

Bol Bol

“I felt completely at ease with the procedure and was thrilled with the results. The service was friendly and very professional.”

Jim Withers

“Lovely experience here, great customer service and everyone here is amazing, so friendly and good at their jobs.”

Rosa Mott

“Michael is friendly and professional in his approach wanting to help me get the best outcome. I can now hear better than I have been able to for years with my new hearing aids.Thanks Michael I highly recommend Pristine hearing .John”

John Marian

I had some major ear wax issues causing some pain and was promptly booked in for a micro suction and thorough clean. This level of service was very much appreciated,job well done 🙂 I have no excuses now for saying” I didn’t hear you”…

Brad harris

Ears full of wax, booked a micro-suction appointment and now they’re not. Very quick and very happy with the service.

Leslie Wild

I am so happy that I read other reviews of Pristine Hearing. Michael was so knowledgeable and helped me navigate my most annoying tinnitus – I am beyond happy with the outcome, I feel like I can concentrate again. Thank you so much, highly recommended.

Kym Stanley

If you have any ear issues at all definitely head here. Michael was so lovely he did not charge me anything, when i was convinced something was in my ear after sleeping outside. Thanks allot ! great service.


Having experienced a great quality of care and attention, I can highly recommend this clinic and sincerely hope that their busines continues to grow.

Jan Lawton

Michael did an amazing job. explained really in depth the details of the results

Matteo Corsini

Fantastic and friendly service. Procedure took no time at all.

Grace murphy

Awesome customer service. I will recommend you to anyone I know. Thank you very much.

Jonathan John Dawal

Got 22 years worth of earwax buildup removed, the difference is unbelieveable

Morgan Healey

Very good and professional service and patient staff.

Habib sadiqi

Very professional and on time service. Clean facility

Josephine milio

Professional and knowledgeable service. I highly recommend Pristine Hearing.

Graham Bell

A very good experience. I would definitely highly recommend Pristine Hearing.

J Campbell

“After a long battle with a ear infection I was referred to an ENT, but can not get to see one for 4 months and to live with this pain no way, I found Prestine ear clinic, not only do they do the procedure I was referred to the ENT for but also noted that this was due to an ear infection, asked me if it had ever been swabbed and I said no never. They suctioned out my ear and I have almost no pain, carried out a test confirmed it in the outer part of the ear. I feel like finally someone is listening and offered me help. Would recommend this practice with 5 Stars”

I don’t care anymore Gerber

If anyone is having trouble with their tinnitus/hearing loss like I was, I highly recommend seeing Michael at Pristine Hearing. When I 1st got tinnitus I was in absolute shambles. I honestly thought there was no hope for me, then I stumbled across Pristine Hearings website. From my first appointment with Michael he has been nothing but incredible. He actually cared for me and what I was going through not like the other places I visited who said to get over it there’s nothing we can do. Also Michael is the only audiologist who thought Hearing aids could benefit me, which they did, a great deal. This is the longest review buy I could write a lot more. Michael really did give me hope when I thought I had none.

Shannon maher

After some 5 weeks of my left ear feeling like it was stuffed with cotton wool, 3 different doctors, wax suction session and a specialist ear, throat and nose surgeon I finally landed at the Pristine Hearing clinic in Nollamara. By then I was lopsided, deaf and feeling real oozy.
Michael the audiologist was fantastic in not only fixing the problem but he explained the process and showed me what was happening in the ear canal and on the ear drum. A large coagulation of blood and wax was wedged into the ear drum. After gently removing the blockage Michael reset my hearing aids perfectly. He had a lovely nature and a reassuring bedside manner.
Highly highly recommended if you need anything done to ears, hearing, hearing aids and audiology in general.

Anthony Buirchell