Healthcare professional examining a man's ears, part of the hearing services program Australia.

Hearing Services Program Australia: Maximising Your Benefits

Navigating the complexities of the Hearing Services Program (HSP) in Australia can be challenging, yet rewarding. Supported by the Australian government, this program provides essential support to eligible individuals, helping them access quality hearing services and devices. Understanding how to maximise the benefits of this program can significantly enhance your hearing health and overall quality of life. Australia has one of the best publicly funded hearing services program in the world. But not all that could benefit from it know how to.


What is the Hearing Services Program?

The Australian Government Hearing Services Program provides eligible individuals, including pensioners and veterans, with access to subsidised hearing services through accredited hearing services providers like Pristine Hearing. These services include comprehensive hearing assessments, advice, and support, as well as the provision of hearing aids and assistive listening devices.


Benefits of the Hearing Services Program

Participants in the Program benefit from a range of services provided by accredited providers like Pristine Hearing. These services not only cover hearing assessments but also include ongoing support and maintenance for hearing devices. This holistic approach ensures that beneficiaries receive continuous care tailored to their specific hearing needs.

Specifically, participants in the Program are entitled to a free thorough hearing assessment every 5 years, a free hearing review appointment every 12 months and new (fully) subsidised hearing aids every 5 years. Sometimes, a participant can receive new hearing aids earlier than 5 years should there be a real clinical need. The Program has specific rules accredited providers like Pristine Hearing must follow before refitting participants with new hearing aids when it has been less than 5 years since their previous devices.

The Program manages a large list of approved hearing aids both fully subsidised and partially subsidised. This list gets regularly updated and contains devices from all major hearing aid manufacturers. As technology improves in hearing aids, the Program ensures this improvement is passed on to participants even when they choose fully subsidised hearing aids which are free for the participant.

Schedule of Fully Subsidised Hearing Aids
Schedule of Partially Subsidised Hearing Aids

The Australian Government Hearing Services Program for pensioners ensures that senior citizens receive the support they need to manage hearing loss effectively. This demographic typically faces higher risks of hearing impairment, and the targeted support can make a significant difference in their daily interactions and lifestyle.


How to Access the Hearing Services Program

To begin accessing the benefits, potential beneficiaries should visit the Hearing Services Program portal. The portal provides a step-by-step guide on how to apply for the Program, manage your services, and connect with approved hearing care providers. Alternatively, you can call your preferred hearing provider and they can apply for the Program or assess your eligibility on your behalf.

Selecting an accredited provider within the Australian Hearing Services Program is crucial. Accredited providers like Pristine Hearing are equipped to offer not only initial hearing assessments but also comprehensive follow-up care, including device fitting and adjustment. Accredited providers like Pristine Hearing should be able to skillfully guide you through the most appropriate hearing device options available to cater for your hearing loss and particular lifestyle needs.


Hearing Services Program Eligibility

Hearing services program eligibility is primarily targeted at Australian citizens and permanent residents who are pensioners, veterans, or receive certain social security benefits. Full details on eligibility can be accessed through the Hearing Services Program portal, which serves as a resource for applicants to understand their qualification status and apply for the program.

Are you unsure if you qualify for the Hearing Services Program? Book an appointment with our experienced audiologists at Pristine Hearing. We will help you assess your eligibility and guide you through every step of the process, ensuring you receive the maximum benefits from the program. For more information on the various funding options available, please visit our funding page.

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